Club History

Club History

Football was played in the Kiltegan/Rathdangan/Ballybrackarea from the very start of the Association.  The’William 0’Briens’ Rathdangan) and ‘Barraderry Volunteers’ (Kiltegan) played in the very first Wicklow Championships in 1887.  The Barraderry team disappeared but a team from nearby  Tynock took part in the Carlow Championships in 1888 and they were later replaced by ‘Tinaclash’

The first Club to be called ‘Kiltegan’ was founded in  1929 but had a short existence. Meanwhile Rathdangan on their own battled on and hit the glory trail in the 1920’s and ‘30’s.  They won the first ever Football championship in Junior Football in 1924 and the first senior championship in 1930.  Rathdangan won a second SFC in 1936 and the same year Ballybrack made it a parish double by winning the JFC.

The present Club St Tegan’s was founded by Peter Whelan and Brian Graham in 1964 but they took part in Juvenile football only.

The Club we know today was founded in 1966 with Charley Lawlor and Denis Hayes as the first officers.  That Club has gone from strength, winning Championships in every grade of Hurling and Football from 1973 when they made the Championship break-through with a JHC to 2008 when they swept the decks in Football, winning three championships in Senior, Junior A and Junior C.  In all the present Club has won 8 SHC’ 2 more in SF to add to the two that Rathdangan won and Championships in Intermediate, Junior and minor in both Hurling and Football.

The area has produced one former President of the Association, Hugh Byrne who was also Chairman of the West Board, the Co Board and Leinster Council. Peter Keogh was also Chairman of the Co Board and Secretary of the West board while other Club men who have high office include John Timmins, Damien Byrne, Paudie Doyle and Dave Murray.

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